Saturday, 30 July 2011

hi anyone

i have not created any caption photos, just posting the photo with my caption below.  if you want to use the photos for your own captions then please do so, but i would be interested to see what captions you come up with, so a link would be appreciated


i dressed like this just to please you Brad. please be gentle

if you like what you see then follow me to the bedroom, you won't believe your eyes..

i was thrilled when my girlfriend said i didn't have to wear a skirt or heels to the xmas party.  i had lost the bet fairly and squarely, but this costume is worse, i can't hear what anyone is saying, and i would like more clothes to cover up.  i dare not suggest that a skirt would be preferable.

Friday, 29 July 2011

my mum said she would buy me a car if i went through all of this feminisation stuff.  i think it has gone too far now though.  i believe my boyfriend is more interested in the car than me.  time to change that i think.

susans captions

Hi to all who have got this far down and are reading this.

i have been writing loads of captions (i was just in the mood to) and decided to split this blog from my personal blog - susan the sissy.

i hope some of you find these of interest, and i hope that it is updated quite regularly.

comments and / or requests always welcome